GFO is fast and easy-to-use as part of the regular oil change cycle.  After a one-time cleansing treatment, just add 8 oz. GFO with every oil change! Importantly, GFO goes to work IMMEDIATELY after installation, removing carbon buildup and increasing compression and lubricity.

GFO has 3 primary modes of action:


 GFO hunts carbon.

  • GFO binds to carbon buildup in the engine.  The carbon is then deposited in the oil filter and ultimately removed from your engine via the oil filter & dirty oil upon regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Regular use of GFO over time prevents future carbon deposit buildup and keeps your engine running cleaner and more efficiently.

 GFO increases compression.

  • GFO undergoes a heat and pressure induced phase change on the down stroke of the piston in the cylinder.
  • This also has the effect of facilitating a more complete fuel burn and thus enhancing your average MPG and reducing emissions.

GFO increases lubricity.

  • This reduces overall wear and tear on your engine, and eliminates lifter knocks and other unwanted engine noise.