Below are answers to commonly asked questions about GFO.

What is GFO made of?

GFO is a an organically-derived oil that is run through a patented reaction process which enhances the oil’s molecular structure and gives GFO its unique properties and making it unlike any other product on the market today.  GFO is a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly oil.

Does GFO void a manufacture warranty?

No, GFO will not void vehicle warranties.  According to the Magnuson - Moss Warranty act (P.L. 93-637) enacted in 1975, a manufacturer cannot void its warranty based on GFO use, unless it can demonstrate that (1) the GFO Oil Additive did not meet manufacturer specifications, and (2) the GFO Additive, when added at a 1:32 ratio to engine oil with approved specifications, was the cause of harm to the vehicle’s engine. In the unlikely event that this would occur, GFO has secured its own products liability coverage that would ensure your company will not be held responsible for any damage incurred.

Does GFO have 3rd party testing validation?

YES.  GFO has been tested at several different 3rd party, independent labs including SGS Environmental, CSU Engine & Energy Conversion Laboratory and IP Automation.  You can view a detailed presentation of GFO's 3rd party testing data here>>>

How is GFO different from other oil additives?

GFO is 100% biodegradable and plant-derived and does not have any added detergents.  GFO also increases compression, removes carbon and increases lubricity.  Most other oil additives typically provide only a lubricity benefit and are not plant-based.

Will GFO stop my vehicle from burning oil?

GFO can help decrease the amount oil your engine is burning, though it may not stop it entirely.

How does GFO work?

GFO’s unique chemistry enables it to undergo a heat and pressure induced phase change on the combustion stroke which allows it to fill in the tiny imperfections and score marks on the cylinder wall thus preventing escaping gasses and thereby increasing compression.  This increase in compression directly relates to an increase in fuel burn, thus providing an increase in overall efficiency and decrease in emissions, most notably Total Hydrocarbons and CO.

GFO’s molecular polarity also makes it highly attracted to carbon.  GFO attacks carbon build up in your engine, dispersing the carbon in the oil and depositing it in the oil filter or keeping it suspended in the oil until the oil is changed.  

How often do I need to use GFO?

Add 8 oz. of GFO* to your engine oil after every oil + filter change. For first use and best results, add 8 oz. GFO ~200 miles prior to the next oil + filter change, or first use a carbon deposit cleaner.  

* up to 10 quarts oil capacity. For engines >10 qts, add 1 oz. GFO per quart of engine oil

Does GFO contain harmful chemicals?

No.  GFO Oil is a 100% biodegradable, plant-based, eco-friendly oil.