GFO Oil (GFO) is a patented, eco-friendly engine oil enhancer that has been demonstrated in 3rd party testing to improve fuel economy (MPG) and reduce hydrocarbon emissions in both gas and diesel vehicles.  

GFO is organically derived, biodegradable, and non-toxic, making it unique when compared to all other oil additives on the market today. GFO can be used easily in any environment without safety, toxicity or disposal concerns.

With GFO, you can save on your fuel spend and benefit the environment!


 Increase Your MPG and Overall Performance with GFO

 Increases fuel efficiency

 Increases compression (higher horsepower & torque)

 Greater lubricity – less wear and tear on your engine

 Reduces lifter knocks and other engine noise

     Reduce Your Emission Footprint with GFO

     Organically derived, biodegradable & non-toxic

     Reduces emissions (hydrocarbons substantially)

     Cleans carbon from your engine and removes it via the oil / oil filter

     GFO can save you money

     Improvements in average MPG resulting from GFO use can put an extra $100 - $550 a year in your pocket