Testing of GFO’s impact in controlled conditions by third parties, and in regular on-road driving conditions using Class 1 – Class 4 type vehicles (cars, vans, light- and medium-duty trucks) has demonstrated the following:

  • Fuel Efficiency (MPG) Gains: +3% to +15%
    • 7.8% MPG gain under test conditions that approximate “stop and go” urban driving (per SGS 3 party testing under “city driving” conditions - see details below)
  • Emissions Reduction: Hydrocarbons (HC) reduced 18% to 59%, Carbon Monoxide (CO) rd reduced 12% to 26%
  • Reduced Engine Wear:  Test results after addition of GFO into fleet vehicles showed an average reduction of Iron (Fe) of 66% vs baseline, as well as other wear metals


GFO’s benefits are particularly robust in “stop and go” / “urban driving” environments due to its unique ability to increase compression and remove carbon buildup. And, GFO goes to work cleaning an engine and improving overall performance immediately after installation.

Printable / downloadable (PDF) data files can be accessed here